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Year 2  Downloadable English Resources

Year 2 English Planning, English Worksheets, English Presentations and English Displays.

The teaching of Year 2 English is a crucial time for children to build upon their basic understanding of decoding and grammar skills, developing this into something more meaningful: reading and writing for a purpose and developing more technical skills that will prepare them for KS2. The jump between the Year 1 and Year 2 English curriculum is HUGE! There’s a lot to fit into one year! Our growing bank of resources will support any Year 2 teacher build a bank of games, worksheets, displays and planning that can be reused, edited and developed to build a curriculum that will be essential to support the children in your class make continuous progress. Browse our free and paid resources. Download individual products or subscribe to our site for one full year and get full access to every resource on the site and any additional resources added over the course of the year. Our ever-growing bank of resources is updated daily, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, why not suggest a product for us.


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Purchase individual resources OR sign up to  our Unlimited Resources Plan,  you will gain full access to download ALL resources on Primary Resource Rack for FREE through our  MEMBERS' PAGES.

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