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Ideas for Christmas Crafts in the Primary Classroom

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Christmas is always a busy time of year in the Primary Classroom. There's so much going on for teachers; planning for the spring term, pupil progress meetings, finishing of current teaching blocks, arranging awards, Christmas Carol Concerts, Christmas Parties just to mention a few. So believe it or not, teachers have minimal time to really prepare for the 'fun' stuff that children really enjoy at Christmas time.

So this year, why not plan a few simple crafts that the children can still enjoy, but require less preparation time from teachers.

The first idea is the New Year Calendar for the children to give to their families as a gift.

A simple calendar that displays all four seasons of the year.

Primary aged children create a Calendar to represent all four seasons
Calendar representing all four seasons

How about creating a lovely Christmas themed classroom display with the input from the children in your class! Simple paper snowflakes and paper chains are an effective way to brighten up any classroom during the festive season.

Classroom display with snowflakes and paper chains created by primary aged children.
Christmas themed classroom display

The second idea is for the children to create a simple yet effective Christmas card. Here, the children will create one finger print for each member of their family. Then, once dry, draw on eyes and antler and add a little glue for a glittery nose. Hey presto... there you have it. A perfect little reindeer family ready to gift at Christmas time.

Primary aged children create a simple reindeer Christmas card
Reindeer Christmas Card

Why not take a look at our 'Festivals' page or 'Colouring' page where we have PowerPoints and Worksheets already prepared to share with your class at Christmas time. We have the perfect Christmas Activity Pack to keep children calm yet in the festive spirit for what can be a very busy term.

For the site members of Primary Resource Rack, we'd love to see some of the fantastic craft activities that you complete in your classrooms. Please comment below and add any pictures that you think would be helpful to anyone else in our group.

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