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Celebrating different cultures in schools

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Providing a curriculum that celebrates and educates pupils about the multicultural society that we live in allows all pupils to feel valued and included within the classroom environment.

Learning should be adapted and differentiated when teaching children with English as an additional language. When managed well, children from all backgrounds and cultures can achieve highly in any classroom environment. It is essential that children are taught from an early age to respect and value everyone's beliefs and backgrounds.

When working in a classroom with children that have relocated from other areas from around the world, why not incorporate and celebrate the different languages and locations in class. By sharing each others experiences, all children's knowledge of the world will grow, and a mutual respect of backgrounds will also develop naturally.

Children sharing a collection of rangoli patterns and Diva lamps
Diwali Rangoli Patterns and Diva lamps

Encourage children and staff members to bring in religious objects and talk about their family traditions at different times of the year. Sharing experiences of different religions and cultures allows children to learn off each other and it also develops a mutual respect between peers.

Why not check out our range of different religious PowerPoints and worksheets that can be located on our Festivals page. These are great discussion points to have with Primary aged children. With quality images and texts to engage children's understanding.

A classroom display to identify where children in your classroom were born around the world. Use a world map, string and pins to name places and the different languages from around the world.
Classroom Display Celebrating our Different Backgrounds

As children who are new to English are welcomed into our classroom, it is essential to create and environment which is easily accessible. Nominating a classroom buddy to support with basic classroom routines will help to build confidence and develop a sense of belonging.

Building upon simple key words and phrases will support any child feel more relaxed in the classroom and therefore able to adapt more quickly to everyday lessons. Sit new to English children with other sensible role models in class, this way they can mimic good behaviours and they will quickly hook their prior learning onto new learning with newly built language skills. For a selection of flash cards and games to develop the English language, why not browse our resources to build up your bank within the classroom.

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